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The Buyer Process

Solveig has designed her process for working with buyers with your end goal in mind. She takes the task of buying a home, which can seem daunting, and breaks it down in a way that improves results and reduces stress. The objective is not to buy a house, but to purchase the right home for you. Solveig is not afraid to steer you away from houses that are not the right fit or may have problems associated with them. Knowing full well that there will always be another home listed, she will stick to her process ensuring the correct decision is made when making this important purchase.

With Solveig on your team a wider swath of homes will be an option. With her experience in design, a house that may not seem right can become the home you dreamed of. In the competitive housing market of Whatcom County Solveig leans on her great reputation to help you get the home you’re after. She is known amongst her peers as someone who is easy to work with and as an agent who can be relied upon to see the process through to the end. Choosing Solveig to represent you while searching for your home means working with someone who will use her plethora of tools to help you achieve your goal.