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Solveig’s Top 10 Staging Tips


Staging starts outside – Bring on the Curb Appeal!

This includes; landscaping, updated house numbers, roof and gutters cleaned, new door mat, potted flowers (depending on season).


Declutter – Start the moving process!

Now is the time to purge things you know won’t be coming with you to your next chapter. Be intentional about artwork and what’s on the walls, remove most family photos but its ok to leave one or two. We want buyers to know it’s a happy home and happy people live here!


Clean – Like deep clean!

Everyone’s opinion is different, so when in doubt hire a cleaning company! Inside fridge (no bad aromas, bathrooms (always a good idea to change out the shower curtain liner), inside and outside of windows.


Acknowledge that staging your home is not how you would live in your home

Remove dark curtains and open blinds, make sure there is as much light as possible. Remove extra seating and larger pieces of furniture that is not needed.


Make bedrooms and bathrooms feel like a high end hotel

Bring on the white bedding and towels!


Don’t be afraid to have a little character

You want to appeal to a wide variety of buyers, but it doesn’t have to be too sterile (Please stay on trend)


Bring in greenery

A pop of greenery does wonders for each room. If owner occupied, make sure your plants aren’t dead and you can keep them alive during showings and escrow. Second option is faux plants. They really do have nicer options these days!



Ok folks gone are the days you want to bake cookies or bread (uhh hello food allergies) but we also don’t want to choke potential buyers out with toxic plug ins either. I cannot count how many times a buyer has asked me “what do you think they are covering up?. The best aroma is CLEAN and if you want to enhance further use true essential oil-based products via a diffuser or candle. Smell is a powerful emotional trigger so keep it simple.


Fix anything that looks like damage

This does not mean cover something up! It means if the bathroom caulking is not looking good…fix it. Leaking kitchen faucet…fix it. Small drywall cracks that are superficial…have them touched up and repainted. The basic principal here is buyers will immediately think a cost is times 1000X more and removing objectives will lead to a quicker and higher sale;)


When in doubt? Call me!

I happily help my clients prepare for the sale of their house and it’s one of my favorite parts of being a Realtor!